How can I arrange an appointment with an artist?

The easiest way to arrange an appointment is to call in to the shop with any images of things you would like and we can discuss your ideas from there.Otherwise email and send any images you have with a description of where you would like the tattoo and how big (a photo of the body part you would like tattooed would be helpful also especially if you have other tattoos around the area) Alternatively you can message us on our Facebook page ( both Facebook and emails are checked regularly.
Once you are happy with the proposals of your new tattoo we can find a convenient appointment for you and take a deposit for the time.
We require a deposit of £10 per hour of time booked (a 3 hour appointment will require a £30 deposit 4 – £40 and so on)
A full day booking, being 11:00 am – 5:00pm, will require a £100 deposit.

Do you take card payments?

Yes we do !

How much do you charge per hour?

We charge £70 per hour of tattooing with a full day costing £400. We are very aware the cost of body art is expensive and we work hard for the time you pay for. We don’t smoke so cigarette breaks are out and other than toilet breaks and a stretch of legs for yourself we make sure you leave feeling we have given you your money’s worth.

Can you tattoo under 18 year olds with parental consent?

NO! This is a myth and is entirely against the law. Any decent professional establishment will NEVER tattoo anyone under age with or without consent. They risk loosing their license and gaining a bad reputation for them selves and the industry.

Do you use single use needles?

All our needles, tips, ink, protective clothing and surface barriers are single use and disposed of after every tattoo. We reuse stainless grips/barrels that are cleaned  with high grade anti microbial  detergent in an ultrasonic bath then scrubbed, rinsed and then sterilised in an autoclave to the highest standards after every use. Work stations and chairs/beds are cleaned with high grade anti microbial disinfectant before and after every client ensuring the most hygienic environment for you to chill out and get your latest artwork.

How do I take care of my new tattoo?

We have detailed instructions for after care of your tattoo which we explain to you after your appointment so you can ask any questions you may have. We also give you a leaflet outlining everything you need to do.

What to expect when arriving for your appointment ?

On the day of your tattoo it is always advisable to have a nutritious breakfast, a full English is always a winner. Bring with you a sugary drink and a light snack  particularly if your appointment is over several hours. This will help keep your blood sugar levels up as they can drop during the process leaving you not feeling the best.

Once you arrive you will be greeted by one of our receptionist who will have you fill in a consent form for your tattoo on an iPad. Your artist will speak to you and finalise size/placement of your artwork and answer any questions you may have.

You will then be brought through to the treatment area where you have your skin prepared for your new tattoo. This will involve shaving any hair in the area and disinfecting the skin with alcohol. An ointment will then be applied to the area to which the stencil for your tattoo is adhered to and transferred onto the skin. At this point you will be made comfortable while your artist sets up the machines he chooses to use with fresh single use needles  and grips in front of you. Once everything is ready the process will begin. Don’t worry our artists are very patient and understanding and will work at a pace you are comfortable with, if any breaks are needed for any reason it’s never an issue and you will be able to sit and be as comfortable as possible whilst you receive your new tattoo.

Any questions for anything we haven't covered please don’t hesitate to get in touch.